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Posted By admin on 04/11/15 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

GF Revenge

Suppose you have tons of videos featuring trashed chicks doing things they wouldn’t normally do sober. What would you do with them? What if you spent months hacking Myspace, Facebook, Photobucket, etc accounts and archived a ton of nude photos and homemade sex tapes? What if the girls didn’t ever think this stuff would see the light of day?

What to do…? What to do…?

Well, one crazy motherfucker decided to put his collection on the Internet and guess what? It became an instant classic. GF Revenge is now one of the hottest ex-girlfriend sites on the net. Amateur sex tapes and the hottest candid photos ladies have ever created! All in one place!

It gets better… Get this shit! Now you can get into the action and make some much needed cash. Give yourself a bailout by uploading pics of your ex-GF and GF Revenge will pay you $100 a usable pic!

Oh… All you have is videos of her sucking your hard cock or masturbating her clit? No problem… In fact, its even better, they’ll pay you $1000 in cold hard cash for that kind of shit!

I know… It’s fucking awesome!

It gets better! As a member you get weekly video updates and these things are long! You also get multiple picture updates a week. Like I said, they take submissions and some of the girls are submitting themselves! Just imagine the kinky shit these bitches come up with… Or join and stop imagining, start watching!

Snap Leaks Discount

So you want some examples of what you can expect from GF Revenge? How about a Jager fueled orgy in the hottub? Since we are on the subject of orgies, how about two hot babes blowing cock POV style? You can easily insert yourself into that video!

GF Revenge features tons of hot babes teasing, flashing their tits in public and getting hardcore! Half of the blowjob videos at can be used as a tutorial for your own GF. When girls don’t know the entire world will be watching they tend to go a little crazy!

Join the GF Revenge community today and start getting paid to get laid! Also, don’t miss their sister site, Dare Dorm. They will also give you cold hard cash for your sex tapes!

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Posted By Trendy on 09/21/21 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

My sister and I used to fight a lot. You see, she wasn’t my actual sister because she’s my step-sister, but we still went at it like cats and dogs. But once she was visiting from college and I noticed her in a way I hadn’t before. She was a grown young woman who was no longer that brat who wouldn’t give me the remote. She made me have thoughts, taboo thoughts, about her going down on me in the shower. And every time I went past her room I peaked in hoping to catch a glimpse of her naked. But then she went back to college and I had to find a way of taking the edge off. Gawd, I’m so glad I found out about Sis Loves Me.

Click here to save 88% with a discount to Sis Loves Me before it expires! Explore all those forbidden fantasies about step-siblings fucking the shit out of each other behind their parents’ backs. It’s just as hot as it sounds. Sig up now!

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There’s nothing in the world that feels better than sliding your rock-hard cock into a lovely lady’s tight asshole. Anal sex used to be seen as a taboo act only performed by sluts. Over the years, it’s become a much more mainstream sex act that millions of people enjoy. When I’m watching porn, I’m always searching for sites that feature balls-deep anal thrusting. When I came across this 67% off discount to, I couldn’t resist it.

This is a stellar site that goes over even the smallest details to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Updates are added multiple times every week, so there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to. The camera work, talent, and lighting are all top-notch. You’ll be able to enjoy these explicit videos in spectacular 4K Ultra HD quality that makes even the smallest details crystal clear. When it comes to the roster, you’ll find lovely young ladies with flawless physiques. They all have insatiable sex drives and offer up every orifice for pleasure.


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Posted By Karlie on 06/14/21 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

When I watch porn, I want to see a lot of passion. I like getting lost in the fantasies. When I came across this Pretty Dirty discount for 74% off, I knew it was a deal I needed to jump on before it expired. The content you’ll find here is flawless and covers a wide range of explicit sex acts that will get your heart racing.

Members will find story-driven sexual situations here that can get rather aggressive. Some of the kinky situations can get rather taboo with stepfamilies and sister-in-law seductions. You’ll also find sugar babies here that will do whatever it takes to be spoiled rotten and home invasions that result in orgasms. Rough sex, raunchy blowjobs, and double penetration are just the tip of the iceberg on this menu. You’ll get to see it all played out by Sara Luvv, Mia Malkova, Kagney Linn Karter, Dahlia Sky, Kendra Lust, Adriana Chechik, and Piper Perri. All of this content is 100% exclusive, so you aren’t going to find it anywhere else.


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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a girlfriend who loved sex just as much as you did? that sure would be living the dream and right now that dream might be about to come true for you. Here I was just doing my daily search for girlfriend sex when I found what I would consider being the perfect girlfriend at

This pretty girlfriend loves sex and she doesn’t mind being the slut of your dreams. How sweet does that sound? I know it is what you’ve been wanting to hear because it also sends all the right signals to me as well. Just look at how hot she is and she certainly knows a few things about keeping a cock hard and also keeping it happy. I’m going to see how naughty she likes to get and when It gets to my turn I’m going to show her what really begging for it means!

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Posted By Karlie on 04/26/21 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

I’ve never been much of a relationship guy. Sure it would be nice to find someone to share the good times with and help you through the bad times, but there’s so much drama that goes along with it that I just prefer to stay by myself. I found out I could use this 34% off discount to ATK Girlfriends and decided to check it out. Let me just say, if I could find a girl like the ones you’ll find here, I’d settle down in a heartbeat. 

Members will find a collection consisting of more than 2,700+ exclusive videos here that are all shot in POV, so you’ll get a feel for what it would be like to be the lucky guy in the situation. The lovely ladies featured in these videos are absolutely stunning. They play to the camera and act as though she’s your one and only. There are 330+ cuties on this roster with all different boob sizes, body types, and hair colors, so finding just the right hottie for you is a breeze. 


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Posted By Karlie on 01/31/21 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

We all want to be loved. We all want to be in loving, healthy relationships full of laughter and fucking. Right now you can save 67% instantly with a GF Leaks discount and enjoy a parade of hotties that any guy would be lucky to have on his arm and call his girl. These lovely ladies are the kind you could take home to meet the parents without fear of them not getting along. These naughty hotties know how to come across as all sweet and innocent, even if it is just a big act covering up their freaky side.

Black GFs, Crazy Asian GFs, Crazy College GFs, Dare Dorm, GF Revenge, and Horny Birds are all unlocked with your membership for one low price. You’ll have more than 1,100+ scenes and over 1,050+ photo galleries containing 200+ pics each at your fingertips ready to enjoy. One of the perks of membership is that you can stream and download without any limits. You’ll be able to take in every delicious detail as you watch these sassy sweeties give sloppy blowjobs, titty fuck, and have every hole stretched to the max. They’ll even spread their legs wide and give you a front-row seat as they pleasure themselves.


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Posted By Admin on 11/24/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

Have you noticed it’s the time of year when everyone seems to be getting in a relationship? I swear every time the holidays roll around, these bitches are trying to jump on some unlucky chump to ensure they are getting those Christmas gifts they had their eye on or to not have to explain to their families why they are still single. Sure, you may get your dick sucked, or some pussy in exchange, but in my experience, a lot of these babes just aren’t worth it.

Of course, I’m not saying I’m giving up pussy all together. Of course not. I’m just saying, that since I found The GF Network discount for 63% off instantly I can get all of the hot and horny chicks without having to deal with their bullshit. There’s an absolutely mind-boggling amount of sexy amateurs babes in a variety of naughty content. There’s plenty of sexy selfies, solo sex, and even hardcore. With a full network of 15+ websites, this mega pass unlocks it all instantly. It’s just too good to pass up!

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Posted By Karlie on 09/29/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

What comes to mind when you think of girlfriend porn? There are a lot of different kinds out there. Some of it features well-known porn stars, while other sites feature real-life couples. There’s plenty of studio-quality content out there, but you can also find user-submitted homemade porn that’s just as thrilling. If you’re a fan, you’ll want to check out these girlfriend porn discounts for up to 83% off

Real GF Porn, See My GF, GF Revenge, Watch My GF, DaGFs, and GF Leaks are just a few of the sites suggested here. They’re all top-notch and cover a wide variety of sexual activities. There isn’t one that stands out to me as the best, so it just comes down to your personal preference. I’m a huge fan of revenge porn, so I enjoy content that’s either submitted by a guy that catches his girlfriend cheating and wants to shame her, or by a girl that wants to make her boyfriend jealous by submitting footage of her fucking someone else. No matter what gets you going in this niche, you’ll find a site here that delivers just what you’re looking for.


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Posted By Karlie on 09/23/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

When a woman has her sights set on something, she’ll stop at nothing to make her dreams a reality. Right now you can take advantage of this Net Videos Girls discount for up to 50% off and watch as sexy amateurs find themselves getting more than what they bargained for. They show up at a casting call thinking they’re just trying to land a modeling gig for a calendar. Little do they know, the horny guys on the scene will do whatever it takes to convince them to take their clothes off and leave their sexual inhibitions on the floor as well.

Members will be treated to 750+ exclusive videos that cover a wide range of sexual activities. Some of the lovely young ladies are shy and reluctant to fuck on film, especially with their boyfriends waiting just on the other side of the door, but there are plenty of sluts that are more than willing to show off their skills if it will give them a leg up on the job. 

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Posted By Trendy on 08/16/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

Maybe you think all porn is the same. Maybe you think it’s all just the same tired scenes and scenarios. Maybe you think the quality is all just meh, boring, drab, etc. You might need a fresh site to shake things up and show you how much better porn can get. Maybe you need to jerk off to some of this hot shit going on over at Sinematica!

Actually, there’s no “maybe” about it. You’ll never get this aroused by mainstream adult entertainment. This site takes quality and eroticism to a whole new level. The babes are hotter, the sex is more intense, and 4K is the name of the game. The scenery gets even more immersive since much of the action takes place outside in nature, where sex is supposed to happen.

Click here to save 51% with a SINematica discount. You’ll have dozens of new videos to make you rock hard and jizz all over the screen. It’s fine, you can clean it up later. Just hurry and sign up before this deal is gone forever.

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I can still remember how awesome it felt to make my first home sex tape. It was such a rush and not just because you knew that you’d be on camera. It was the way that the game played out that made it feel as good as it did and if it wasn’t for I wouldn’t remember how awesome it felt.

Watching this teen couple going for it has brought back so many memories for me but right now I need to put them on hold because this is well worth a long jerk session. Just look at the petite body this naughty teen has going on, isn’t she a stunner! That tight little teen is going to take it deep and hard so I’m going to be ready for it.

Right now my body is telling me to push myself like never before. It wants to go all the way with this special teen couple and I’m not about to let it down. This should be the best fun that I’ve managed to have in such a long time, I’m just hoping that I still have what it takes to have them begging for more as I’d like them to be.

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Posted By Admin on 07/15/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount continues to do me proud with the excellent amount of wicked girlfriend porn that they have online for you to watch. I always leave feeling very satisfied after a sweet session of fap-worthy action that they provide to me and my cock on a daily basis.

I had to admit I did find it rather sexy to see this hot cutie twerking on cell phone video for boyfriend. He must be one lucky guy, not only is she a total stunner but from the looks of it, I bet she is an awesome fuck as well.

She gets that big booty on full display and makes sure that your full attention is given as you watch on in awe. A true temptress moment is what you expect from her and when she decides to make it happen she will do it in pure style. I know I wouldn’t say no to her if she wanted to be my girlfriend, I would do anything that she wanted without so much as a question!

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Posted By Karlie on 07/05/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

When it comes to a site dedicated to sexy, young, ebony babes in explicit scenes fucking their boyfriends, girlfriends, or themselves, then count me in! I’m not one to pass up a deal, and I was able to save 67% now with a Black GFs discount giving me full access to everything they had to offer. Which turned out to be hundreds of videos with hot amateur ebony babes and full network access.

The performer’s list is filled with ladies that are good at what they do, featuring Chanell Heart, Ivy Young, Mya Mays, Bella Doll, and Daya Knight.

Black GFs unleashes a solid collection with 300+ exclusive videos, available in a variety of streaming methods. They offer members a ton of categories to dig into like bikini, doggy style, fit/athletic, pussy licking, threesomes, and many more. They are also a part of the Reality Kings Network and members are granted access to their entire network of 50+ sites. A few others to check out include Crazy Asian GFs, Crazy College GFs, Dare Dorm, and GF Revenge.

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Posted By Gush on 05/16/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

Wanna watch insanely hot chicks being fucked hard and without mercy across a whole bunch of original scenarios? Then check out the stuff on These guys are fucking amazing! It’s one of the most intense hardcore porn sites out there and they shoot the industry’s hottest porn stars. Young girls and MILFs alike! Act fast: save 67% now with a Pornfidelity discount and enjoy the entire collection (plus frequent updates) for a sweet price!

You’ll watch these gorgeous girls being brutally face-fucked (gag spit all over their titties, dripping from their nipples and from their chins, making a puddle on the floor), having their assholes stretched out by massive Black cocks, being gang-banged, having their slits filled to the brim with cream, and just doing a whole bunch of nasty shit for the camera, which captures it all in gorgeous 4K.

Become a member now and stream or download the vids without limit! You will also find many photo sets!



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Posted By Karlie on 01/31/20 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

I’m not bipolar, but you would think I was judging by my sexual activities. There are times I’m in the mood for passionate lovemaking and other times I want dirty raunchy fucking. Right now viewers can take advantage of this 51% off discount to Purgatory X and have it all at their fingertips. 

Members have the option to choose between either heaven or hell. Heaven is going to take them to the content that’s sexy and highly erotic. The couples stare into one another’s eyes and put their partner’s pleasure before their own. If you choose the hell option, you’ll be thrust into dirty nasty content that features horny people just wanting to fuck. They don’t waste time on pleasantries or foreplay.

No matter which option you choose, the content is delivered in spectacular quality and it’s sure to satisfy all your sexual cravings. Members will find a library consisting of nearly 60 Full HD episodes. All of the content can be streamed or downloaded without limits. This is a deal you really don’t want to pass up.


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