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Posted By Admin on 04/10/19 - Bookmark GF Revenge Discount

A lot of interviews that I have read and watched over the years, feature models who say they got into porn as an act of revenge on an ex. I laugh at that. How exactly is that punishing the ex?

I guess if he was a good guy who stood by and treasured you, that might hurt him. But if we are talking about a guy that did you so dirty you are willing to alter your entire future to get back at him, then I’m thinking seeing you do porn is more of a reward than a punishment.

Maybe the girl is thinking it will show him what he is missing out on, but really it is just showing all the other guys out there what the ex has already had. Now even though they are split up, he still gets to see her naked. If she goes the cam girl route, he can even do sex chat with her and she wouldn’t even know it was him.

Use our 50% off Net Video Girls discount and unlock a large network of amateurs in their earliest porn shoots. I bet some of these chicks think they are getting revenge. I’d just like to thank all the asshole ex-boyfriends out there that drove them to do porn. Thanks guys!

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